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Homie Cam

Homie Cam FAQs

In an effort to provide our guests with a most enjoyable experience we provide access to webcams located in our play areas. These cameras are to give our guests the opportunity to check-in on their furbaby and get a better idea of what goes on during the day. Our webcams are available from 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm. Please refrain from calling to ask “where is my dog?” “why is my dog not playing?” “can you make my dog drink some water?” – we promise that your dog is just fine and in the event of an emergency you would be the first person we’d call! So sit back and relax and if you are curious to know why you are seeing what you are seeing – here are some frequently asked questions to help ease your concerns! If we don’t address your concerns below feel free to ask at pick-up.

Cameras are password protected, please contact Homedog Resort for the password.  Cameras are available for viewing from 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm every day. 

 Need Assistance?  For technical support please contact Online Doggy via email [email protected] , by phone at 303-805-4034, or visit OnlineDoggy

 Viewing with Android and Apple mobile devices and tablets you will need to use the Odoggy app.  The app proceeds go to support Victory Service Dogs .

 For instructions on shutting off the Auto-Renewal feature for the Odoggy app please click here. ODoggy Auto-Renewal Settings

Question: I don’t see my dog?! Where is my dog?! 

In a room/area without a camera.

We are in the process of installing cameras in each room/area that our guests will be in but currently do not have them everywhere. Your dog could be in a play area that does not have a camera yet.

Taking a nap or break

Some of our guests require breaks from time to time – whether it be overwhelming, overstimulating or just plain old tired we monitor each and every guests to ensure they receive breaks when needed so your dog may be in one of our suites for a break.

In timeout

Even the best dogs can get into mischief or have bad days! There are a variety of reasons this can occur and should your dog have one of these days and require a timeout, we will let you know at pick-up. Our guests have a list of rules that we ask them to abide by, those rules include no bullying or rough play – excessive barking/marking/humping – no jumping or breaking gates – and a variety of other rules to help ensure a safe and fun environment for all our guests. If one of our guests is having a tough time abiding by those rules we have a series of steps we take to help them to learn with the last step being a 45-60 minute timeout.

Question: Why isn’t my dog playing? 

Your dog is self-regulating or tired

While it is true that some dogs will play the entire time they are here – a lot of dogs play in short spurts. They will play for 3-5 minutes then break for 10-15 minutes. Most dogs stamina and endurance is intended for short, fast bursts of energy – think when your dog gets the zoomies! New guests can take 3-4 visits before they are comfortable enough with the environment and number of dogs present to let their guard down and fully immerse themselves into the playgroup. Don’t worry – we help them to gain confidence and work to find the right playmates for them! We will contact any owners should there be any concerns or issues with compatibility.

Your dog doesn’t feel like playing or having a bad day

Sometimes dogs don’t feel like playing or are having a bad day. If we believe it is completely out of character or they seem sluggish we will further evaluate to ensure there are no injuries or signs of illness and if there aren’t any signs of injury or illness we will inform the owner at pick-up.

Question: I saw a staff member with their phone out! 

Answer: They were taking pictures/video of our guests or recording information into our software regarding a guests play style

We do not permit our staff to use their phones for personal reasons and ask all work related usage be held to short :30 – :60 second time periods. In the event longer time is needed we ask that they exit the playgroup and have someone cover until they are done. If you see an employee with their phone out for an extended period of time and feel that it needs addressed please call us at 614-525-0020 or you may email the owner at [email protected]

Question: I saw a staff member grab my dog! 

They were stopping an issue from escalating into a fight

Often times dogs will communicate intent with their voice – growls, barks, low rumbles etc. – which cannot be heard on video. Our staff is trained to watch/listen for verbal cues and body language to intervene before an altercation escalates into a fight. Our staff is not permitted to grab/lift a dog unless they are trying to prevent a fight and until their lead can be safely placed on the dog.