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All-inclusive means what most places charge extra for, we include in our boarding. Want your dog to participate in daycare? Included. Want outside play time? Included. Want a bedtime treat? Included. Want a private suite? Included. Dog needs fed? Included. Dog needs medicine? Included. You get the picture.

Cage-free boarding is just that, cage-free. Most kennels will leave boarding guests in a cage for the duration of their stay. We provide your dog with loads of activities to do all day long to ensure when it’s bedtime, they’re ready to sleep. Where do they sleep? In their own private suite with an elevated bed (as requested), access to food/water (if permitted), full glass door and plenty of room to move around! Our private suites range in size from 4’x4′ all the way to 8’x8′ and is selected based on your dog’s size and availability.

Please bring proof that your dog is current on Distemper/Parvo (sometimes called DHPP or DAPP), Bordetella, Rabies and Canine Influenza. We also require all our guests to use a flea/tick treatments, heart-worm preventative and have a negative fecal test within the past 12 months.

We only accept intact dogs under 6 months old. All dogs over 6 months old must be spayed or neutered.

Yes, we strongly recommend that you bring your dog’s normal food as a sudden change in diet could lead to an upset stomach – which wouldn’t be very fun for them! Don’t worry though, if you forget to bring food or didn’t pack enough your dog won’t go hungry.

A temperament test is a chance for us to see how each guest responds to our staff and how they interact with other dogs. Our temperament test helps us to evaluate your dog’s ability to respond to verbal commands, how comfortable they are with our staff and their behavior and body language when introduced to other dogs. Our temperament tests are free and last 2 hours. We temperament test all our guests to ensure the safety of all our guests and to place each dog in a pack that matches their play style and personality. We do not accept aggressive or reactive dogs and reserve the right to remove dogs who exhibit these behaviors at any time.

Yes, we have suites specific for multi-dog families and will select the one that’s right for your dogs based on their size and the number of dogs. These tend to fill up fast so we recommend making your reservation as soon as you know of your trip. If you’d prefer your dogs do not stay together please request this when scheduling your reservation. Please note that dogs staying in separate rooms do not receive multi-dog discounts for boarding.

Depending on the weather, your dog may be outside the entire day if not we ensure they have a chance to go outside every 2 hours.

You can check-in at anytime during business hours but check-out is by 11am. Guests staying after 11am will be charged for daycare based on the number of hours over.

We do not have any breed restrictions. Every dog is a candidate for daycare and boarding services though we reserve the right to deny any dog that exhibits aggressive behavior towards other dogs or staff members.

Typically if a dog is exhibiting signs of illness we first contact the guest’s parents to have them pick up their dog. If they are unable to do so, we would transport the dog to their respective vet. In emergency cases, we transport the vet to the nearest vet as soon as possible and contact the parents to inform them of any details. Special instructions can be provided when filling out and submitting your guest information forms.

Kennel cough (canine infectious tracheobronchitis) is a contagious respiratory disease that is spread through the air, direct contact or contaminated services. Similar to a common cold in humans, it is highly treatable though younger puppies, older dogs and dogs with decreased immune capabilities are at risk for more sever cases.


We do our best to ensure each of our guest’s health though just as a kid at school can pickup germs, so can a dog at daycare or boarding. We do everything in our power to limit their chance of exposure in several ways. First off, we have a specially designed ventilation system that provides our guests with 100% fresh air instead of recycling existing air which may contain the disease. We also require every guest to be vaccinated with the bordetella vaccination, request that guest’s exhibiting symptoms of kennel cough stay home until symptom free for at least 48 hours and thoroughly clean/sanitize all surfaces, water/food bowls and any toys or features in our play areas at the end of each day.