Our Goal is to Help You Build the Bond You Want with Your Dog by Creating a Unique and Custom Program Specific to YOU AND YOUR DOG’S NEEDS!

Meet Our Dog Trainers

About Her

Baylee has worked with dogs professionally for the past 5 years and practicing positive reinforcement training for over the past year.  Originally from Columbus Ohio, she’s been passionate about learning and caring for animals her entire life. When she got her first dog, Daisy, she realized she wanted to pursue a career with dogs.Her favorite breed is an English Mastiff.
Training has always been a dream of hers since started working with dogs 5 years ago at another  dog daycare and boarding facility, it gave her a great opportunity to learn about their behaviors hands on. The more she observed dog’s behaviors the more she knew she wanted to do more. Eventually, that desire and experience allowed her to take the next steps to becoming a dog trainer and she’s been practicing and refining her craft ever since.
As a trainer she wants to help owners work with their dogs on any behavioral habits that need attention, whether it be at home or in daycare. She truly loves going to work every day and caring  for every dog that steps their paws through Homedog’s doors. She loves being able to help them, and their owners, on a more personal level. Ultimately her goal is to effectively teach dog owners how to use positive reinforcement with their pups as well as, help them create a stronger bond and understanding of their dog(s).

Baylee Rucker


Greg Barnard, Owner

Owner of Homedog Resort in Columbus, Ohio with dogs in doggy daycare

About Him

Greg is the owner of Homedog and the host of all the workshops. He began studying dogs and their behaviors when he adopted his dog, Milton, almost 8 years ago. While trying to navigate life with a high energy puppy he realized there were far too many options, too many biased opinions and not enough resources specific to his needs.
Greg’s own personal experiences included multiple positive reinforcement training programs, an e-collar training program and sessions with the Animal Behavior Services at The Ohio State University. In addition to personal experiences with his own dog he also volunteered with the Franklin County Dog Shelter, Almost Home Dog Rescue and privately trained dogs for a year before opening Homedog.

Greg believes that each dog is different and requires a unique approach to their training program. His focus is on the human element and educating dog lovers on things to help identify how a dog’s behavior and body language is tied into their past experiences, likes and dislikes. Just like a human has their own preferences, dogs do as well, and he wants to help owners learn their dog’s in order to help them grow their bond!

Our Dog Training Classes

Homedog University

This option is for the serious dog lover. You will learn it all – even more than you knew possible. Whether you just added a puppy to your family, adopted an adult or senior dog or just want to revitalize the relationship you have with your existing dog we cover all the bases. This is the most comprehensive program we offer and includes all our services to ensure a well-rounded approach to your dog’s care. Each guest will have a 30 minute evaluation that will help determine the programs that your dog’s plan will include and the monthly tuition. Students will receive full-access to the training area, Bark Yard, discounted in-home, daycare & boarding services, free entry into all workshops and unlimited email support as well as private access to our Facebook training page. Each student will receive all the tools and resources to address their dog’s behaviors and ensure the proper planning is in place for future life changes.


As Low As $50 Per Month

We call this program Puppy Preschool. This program is catered to young puppies and focuses on all aspects of your new puppies life. We will discuss your goals and everything you plan to do with this puppy throughout their life. This is the optimal time for socialization so we want to ensure we start your new puppy off on the right foot. This program blends a variety of courses aimed at socialization, basic obedience, health, grooming and resources. Puppies can begin this program prior to completing all their vaccinations but are required to have the Bordetella vaccination and started on the DAP. At the end of this program the goal is to have build a confident puppy who can thrive in a variety of environments and has a solid foundation for continual basic obedience.

The “terrible twos” of puppyhood. Our Good Dog Grade School. This program is in our opinion the most important time for TRAINING! It will focus heavily on basic obedience training, dealing with distractions and manners. While there will be plenty of time for play and exercise the main goal is to set expectations and grow on the foundation built in “puppy preschool”. The goal of this program is to give you the tools and resources you need to fulfill your dog’s physical, mental and dietary needs while providing your dog with the guidelines on how healthy play, proper manners and listening to basic commands.

Our Homedog High program. Dare we say puppy anymore? The teenage years – sure your adolescent puppy listens and behaves……for the most part – but what about when company comes over? Or when they see another dog walking on the street? Or how they always chew on that rug in the living room? This program is for the dog that just needs a bit more refining. You’ve likely done some training (hopefully our prior 2 programs) and have some daycare or dog park experience – but they still are a bit too much on some of those long days at work. The goal of this program is to provide your dog with structure while focusing on any unwanted behaviors and giving them an outlet for their excess energy. Additionally we will provide you with the tools and resources you need to help you on those long days – when you just can’t get them into the resort!

How time flies! Your little puppy is so grown up and off to gain some knowledge at what we call Canine College. This program is for the dog whose done it all – been through training (maybe multiple types), well socialized, is well-behaved (for the most part) and is relatively set in their ways. While we are firm believers that a dog can learn at any stage in life the approach to those changing must be different than a dog with no prior experience. This course will dive into an adult dog’s prior experiences – good, bad and ugly – as well as their health, diet and overall well-being. This program focuses on finding solutions to unwanted behaviors, reinforcing training, setting routines and focusing on your dog’s health and well-being all while ensuring your dog is enjoying themselves and finding Homies to play with!

Our graduate program so your dog can get their Master’s DOGree. This program is for the senior dog (7+ years) – the dog whose seen it all and done it all over and over again. The dog who is best suited for this program still has the energy to play, when the mood strikes, but is often laying around out of boredom. They don’t necessarily have any bad behaviors – they aren’t bouncing off the walls – but you just want to ensure they are happy, healthy and living their best life! The main focus of this program is to keep your dog mentally and physically active. The training used will be geared more towards what your dog enjoys doing and their strengths with a goal of keeping them mentally stimulated.

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Group Dog Training Courses

This 4- week dog training class is for every dog owner who wants to be on basic talking terms with their dog. You will learn what we consider the basic necessary commands to have a happy life with your dog. These are: Watch me, sit, lay down, come when called, stay, drop it, leave it, walk nicely on leash, and touch or “move over here”. We will discuss common behavior issues like barking, jumping, potty training, mouthing/play biting, destructive behavior and any specific issues you have, and how to address them.

Dog graduating her 4 week basic obedience dog training course at Homedog Dog Boarding Resort & Dog Daycare in Columbus Ohio


4-Week Obedience Course
$125 per dog

You and your dog will learn the following commands in an on leash group setting:

  • Heel with automatic sit
  • Sit & Down (At your side)
  • Sit & Down (From a Distance)
  • Stay
  • Come

We will discuss proper leash handling, correct use of each command and dealing with unwanted behaviors. After each class you will be emailed a homework assignment for you and your dog to practice that week. You and your dog will need to practice at home at least 20 minutes 3x a day between scheduled classes for training to be successful.

We keep our group classes limited to 3 dogs per group so it is easier for you and your dog to focus and respond accordingly without getting distracted.

You and your dog will learn the following commands in an off-leash group setting.

  • Heel with automatic sit
  • Sit and Down (At Your Side)
  • Sit and Down (From a Distance)
  • Stay
  • Leave It
  • Come
  • Place
  • Stand
  • Wait

We will progress towards off leash by diversifying commands in real world situations with distractions.

After each class you will receive a homework assignment for you and your dog to practice. You and your dog will need to practice at home 20 minutes 3x per day between scheduled classes for training to be successful.

We keep our group classes to 3 dogs so it is easier for your dog to focus and respond accordingly without getting distracted.

Dog Training Workshops

Our workshops are a great way to learn about specific behaviors, your dog’s body language, training tools or resources, diet and grooming tips and to just discuss everything dog related.  Workshops cover a variety of topics with a variety of facilitators and are constantly being updated. Our goal of each workshop is to provide every guest with information that can be easily used in their day-to-day life and doesn’t require a ton of time, money or additional resources. This is perfect if you want to create your own approach to training your dog, are a first time dog owner or just want to network with others in a relaxed environment. Some workshops require dogs some ask that you don’t bring your dog – it truly is a one of a kind program unlike any other in Columbus – we guarantee it!

Dogs participating in a manners dog training class at Homedog Dog Boarding Resort & Dog Daycare in Columbus Ohio


$15 per workshop

This workshop is for the new dog owner – whether you added a puppy to your family or rescued a senior dog – we will cover a variety of tools, tips and resources that can help you acclimate your new dog to your home. This workshop is an open discussion so is limited to 6 attendees to ensure we can address each individual scenario.

This workshop will focus on dog behaviors, temperaments, body language, breed characteristics and how we as humans affect our dog’s behaviors. This workshop is the foundation of everything we do with our dogs. In order to fully understand training you must first understand how your dog interprets things and why they do what they do.

Moving? Getting another furbaby? Preparing your dog for a human baby? Change in routine? No matter the change, it can be hard for dogs. Get ahead of it and let us help you put together a plan of action.

We will discuss a variety of dog related items – from tools to help you train or burn your dog’s energy – to tips for grooming – or where to go to find valuable and useful information, we’ve got you covered! Join us for a collaborative and productive conversation on a variety of topics. You will leave with a wealth of knowledge!

Private Dog Training Lessons

This option is best if your dog has trouble focusing, is reactive, you want some privacy or have an issue that is better addressed at your home. We offer private lessons that can be held in your home or at our facility where the focus is totally on you and what you want to work on. Private lessons in your home may be subject to additional charges based on distance.

Dog Trainer training dog during board & train at Homedog Resort in Columbus Ohio
Private Training Session(s)
At Our House $65 Per Hour
At Your House $90 Per Hour (additional fees may apply for travel)

Play & Train

Our classes are a great way to focus on a specific behavior, reinforce training from previous courses, learn tips/tricks and share resources with other dog owners. Classes are for a variety of topics including manners, intro to basic obedience, puppy and tricks. Our training classes are held on Saturday and are 1-hour long. Our goal is to provide each guest with information that can be easily used in their day-to-day life and doesn’t require a ton of time, money or additional resources. Enrollment is limited to 3 dogs per day.

Puppy playing with a food puzzle doggy daycare at Homedog Resort located in downtown Columbus, Ohio's Brewery District


Play & Train ( 30min of training sessions)
1 Session – $60 (includes full-day of daycare)
5 Sessions – $225  (includes 5 full-days of daycare)
10 Sessions – $500  (includes 10 full-days of daycare)

Stay & Train

Our board and train program is a perfect way to combine a long term boarding reservation with a custom training program. Our trainer will work with your dog up to 5 sessions per day while they stay with us. Your dog’s schedule will be customized to your goals while ensuring the right mix of training, rest and play time as to provide them the best chance to learn and retain. Sessions can last as long as 20 minutes, but given this program is intense, we let the dog tell us when enough is enough! Space for this program is limited to 2 dogs at a time.


Stay & Train
14 Day Program – $75 per day
21 Day Program – $70 per day