“Everything I Know, I Learned From Dogs”

-Nora Roberts

Just like we want to be the person our dog thinks we are, we want our dog to be the dog we believe them to be. That takes work. Lots of work. Years of work. But it all starts someplace and that place is Homedog. Dogs deserve our best effort not the other way around because dogs are dogs and will do dog things. Our dog training courses and workshops are designed to address the human component in our dogs daily interactions. Most of the time we as humans precondition our dog’s response to other dogs, situations and interactions and that forms habits in our dog. We look to transform those habits by looking at the progression of activities leading up to the unwanted behaviors and addressing those progressions. One of the most challenging parts of training is consistency and finding the time – so we want to implement our training techniques into your already scheduled daily activities therefore utilizing already implemented schedules and routines to ensure consistency and not add more to your already full plate.


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This class is for every dog owner who wants to be on basic talking terms with their dog. You will learn what we consider the basic necessary commands to have a happy life with your dog. These are: Watch me, sit, lay down, come when called, stay, drop it, leave it, walk nicely on leash, and touch or “move over here”. We will discuss common behavior issues like barking, jumping, potty training, mouthing/play biting, destructive behavior and any specific issues you have, and how to address them.

4-Week Basic Obedience Course
$130 Per Dog

In this session you will be introduced to our training philosophy and basic methods used. You will learn how to teach your dog their name, get them to focus on you, and sit. We will discuss when and how to do your homework and pass out detailed instruction sheets.

Each week’s session will continue and build off the last week’s material and introduce new topics. This week the new topics introduced are lay down, holding position, coming when called, and loose leash walking. We discuss equipment that can aid in or hinder loose leash walking.

This week we work on recalls with a distraction and learn the touch, leave it and stay commands We discuss “life rewards” and how to stop unwanted jumping.

This is graduation week! We will review all the behaviors you have learned so far and introduce “drop it” and a more advanced “leave it”. We will do some more loose leash walking practice and play a game to test your skills!


 Our classes are a great way to focus on a specific behavior, reinforce training from previous courses, learn tips/tricks and share resources with other dog owners. Our training classes are held on Saturday and are 1-hour long. Our goal is to provide each guest with information that can be easily used in their day-to-day life and doesn’t require a ton of time, money or additional resources. Classes are held on Saturday’s from 1pm-2pm and all our Homies that attend may enjoy daycare afterwards, free of charge! 

1 Hour Training Class

Puppies are a handful! Start off on the right foot and ensure your pup learns good habits from the start. This course is best suited for dogs under 6 months old and covers potty training, biting, proper play, leash etiquette and socialization using a positive reinforcement training method.

Does you dog jump on house guests? Pull on the leash when walking? Chew everything in sight? This class is for you! Our trainer will review a variety of tips and techniques to help you address bad behaviors such as jumping, leash walking, destructive behavior, mouthing and more!

An introduction on how to kindly train your dog using positive reinforcement. This class will help you set the foundation for a lifetime of learning and teach your dog the most basic commands. You will work on name recognition, luring, sit, lay and come.

Is your dog a master of basic obedience? Now’s the chance to up their level of p’awesomness and teach them some fun new things. Our trainer will cover things like roll over, dance, sit pretty and bob and weave. These new tricks are sure to impress at your next cocktail party!

Meet the Trainer


Our Dog Trainer working with a dog in a private dog training lesson


Rowan Grebeck has been the resort trainer since June of 2018 and teaches all our training courses.Rowan is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) receiving her certification from Catch Trainers Academy.  She has worked with hundreds of dogs and has experience with all breeds and behaviors. Personally, Rowan has a 10 year old lab mix Chloe, a 1 1/2 year old collie mix named Riley and a 2 year old cat named Lena. She is passionate about rescue and donates her time and services to local shelters and rescues. Rowan’s experience includes work with the Fairfield County Dog Adoption Center and Shelter, Franklin County Dog Shelter, and Cause for Canines Rescue.

Her goal is to preserve and improve the relationship you have with your beloved dog through kind training and lifestyle modifications using a positive reinforcement training method. She will teach you to better understand and communicate with your dog and think as he/she does.