Our dog daycare program is different than all the other dog daycares in Columbus and we guarantee that! How? We ensure each dog’s needs are assessed and met with a variety of options for care. Some dogs require more breaks, others more 1-on-1 attention and some toys and puzzles. We cater our program based on the dog’s needs as each dog is different and each day is different. We also integrate each of our dog daycare guests into an appropriately sized off-leash play group that is created based on your dog’s play style, size and overall temperament – this ensures your dog is hanging with his Homies all day instead of being cooped up in a crate or alone and causing chaos! We assure you that your dog will return from a day of our dog daycare tired, happy and fulfilled. Have a training program in place? We can help carve out one-on-one time with our trainer to ensure your dog’s plan is followed  and they don’t learn any bad habits! 

We maintain the quality of our doggy daycare program by keeping to a strict 1:15 staff to dog ratio, providing multiple play areas and ensuring every dog is comfortable and content in their play group. Our approach to doggy daycare ensures that each dog’s needs are properly addressed, reduces the chance for our guests to engage in aggressive play and provides our staff the chance to get to know your dog better!


Dog Daycare
1st Dog
2nd Dog
Add’l Dogs
4 Hours $17 $14 $8
6 Hours $21 $16 $12
Full Day $27 $22 $15
Homedog University Full Day* $38 $32 $25
Homedog University Half Day* $30 $26 $19
Day Boarding* $35 $27 $20
full day 10 Visits – $240
 full day 20 Visits – $440
$24 Per Visit – Save Over 10% $22 Per Visit – Save Over 18%
1/2 day 10 Visits – $195
Homedog u 10 Visits – $325
$19.5 Per Visit – Save 7% $32.5 Per Visit – Save Almost 15%

Call 614-525-0020 or email info@homedogresort.com for multi-dog package rates.
Homedog University is a daycare replacement program and has limited availability.
Day boarding is for dogs who are not able to participate in playgroups



What is Homedog University? 

This is our most comprehensive doggy daycare program and includes a variety of activities that compliment your training program as well as work on your dog’s socialization skills! Your dog will work directly with our trainer throughout the day to ensure their day consists of activities that will provide the most enrichment and fun possible.

We reserve spots in this program for dogs who do not enjoy/prefer large playgroups so space is limited!


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Do you come home from a ruff day at work only to find chewed up shoes, poo covered carpets, rowdy and rambunctious ruffians or a hyper jack-rabbit terrier? Do you feel like your dog has endless amounts of energy and no amount of walks, runs or fetch will do? Does your dog look at you with sad puppy dog eyes when you leave for work in the morning? If you answered YES to any of those questions, we have a solution for you! Hi, we are Homedog Resort & Dog Daycare and we want to tell you that being a dog parent can be easy. How, you ask? By bringing your dog(s) to our dog daycare, that’s how! Dog daycare is a fairy tale that you never knew existed. It’s a place where dogs can run and jump and bark and poop and pee and did we say run and jump? Anyway, you get the picture dog daycare provides your dog with endless fun and health benefits but really, it provides dog parents with benefits as well. While you are off doing your thang, your dog is here socializing with other dogs and releasing all their energy then when you come to pick them up, you’ll be lucky if you don’t have to carry them to the car – once they hit that back seat it’s lights out!


 Dog daycare provides many benefits to not only the dog but the dog’s owners as well. The most important benefit is that it provides dogs the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and release energy. Not only does the exercise promote a healthy life but it also can help with behavioral issues that stem from being bored! Homedog makes sure that your dogs are grouped within a pack that meets their energy levels to help ensure each and every dog is comfortable and enjoying themselves. Whether it’s a pack that is go-go-go in our indoor/outdoor play space or a laid back vibe in one of our large indoor areas your dog is sure to love our dog daycare options! I know, it sounds too good to be true so come on in for a tour to see why we are your dog’s home away from home!

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Before you arrive for your dog’s assessment you’ll want to be sure you’ve read the daycare FAQs, completed the required paperwork, created an account and uploaded your dog’s vaccination records.

When you arrive at Homedog for dog daycare please be sure to keep your pet leashed and allow for any exiting dogs to exit before entering. Upon entering you will check-in at the front-desk and one of our care specialists will take it from there. Quick and easy is how we like to handle things!

Your dog(s) will enter into their playgroup and the fun will begin! They will have regular access to water as well as regular potty breaks outside. Not all dogs enjoy playing 100% of the time so if your dog shows signs of exhaustion or doesn’t want to play with other dogs, we will give them some down time in one of our chill zones. Want to see how your pup is doing? We post regular updates to Facebook and Instagram so be sure to follow us so you can watch your pup become a star!

You will tell the care specialist at the front desk you are here to pick up, pay your dues for the day’s session and your dog will be promptly brought out and ready to go! Disclaimer: Most dogs have a hard time leaving Homedog – don’t be offended, it’s not you – it’s us! 

Dog daycare is a physically and mentally draining activity for dogs so your dog will likely fall asleep and seem sluggish the rest of the evening and sometimes into the next day. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal. During play time, dogs may receive nicks, cuts, scratches or irritated skin. They may get some tangles in their fur, tender paw pads, torn nails or sore muscles. Some times dogs will pick up coughs, runny noses, eye conjunctivitis or warts. While we do our best and implement policies and procedures to reduce the risk off-leash dog play contains elements that cannot be planned for. If you notice any of these things when you get home please contact us to let us know so that we can make a note and help improve our process. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns so that we can be sure your dog’s visits are as you intend them to be!

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