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The unkennel, dog kennel. Far from bored, dog boarding. Homedog isn’t your typical dog kennel and we don’t just offer dog boarding, we offer an all-inclusive, cage-free dog resort! What is a an all-inclusive, cage-free dog resort you ask? Well, it’s a place your dog will have the freedom to be a dog all day long. It’s a cage-free, dog boarding experience that provides your dog with an extension of home. We don’t crate or cage your dog for the majority of the day – they are free to experience a day of learning, playing and exploring and when the day is done they return to rest in their private suite with an elevated dog bed (upon request), food/water (as permitted), toys and any other comforts of home they came with. When it comes to all-inclusive, that means we won’t charge you so your dog can get 30 minutes of play-time or to feed your dog a meal or administer medication.  If you want your dog to participate in dog daycare, your dog joins daycare. Dog needs fed at 2pm? Your dog eats at 2pm. Dog needs medicine? Medicine they will receive. We want your dog’s stay at Homedog to be more than a typical dog kennel and we want to give your dog more excitement than typical dog boarding. Dog boarding can be stressful for both the dog and the parents and by keeping your dog’s routine in place and providing them with the comforts of home, it helps reduce the anxiety and stress that can come with dog boarding. Add to that the fact that we include daily daycare and now your dog is receiving a healthy amount of exercise and interaction. What dog wouldn’t love this place?


Dog Boarding
1st Dog
2nd Dog
Add’l Dogs
Standard Suite (Peak Rate) $58($62) $48 $35
Member – Standard Suite (Peak Rate) $48($52) $37 $25
HDU/HDH/1ON1 (Peak Rate) $55($60) $45 $35
Sleepover* $60 $45 $30
Sanza’s Room* $75 $68 $53
Grooming Add On
Bath Only $25-$40 (based on size)
Brush Out $15-$25 (based on size/coat)
Full Bath* $50-$75 (based on size/breed)
Spa Treatment* (blueberry facial & pedicure) $20-$30 (based on size/breed)
Flea/Tick/Skunk* $10 additional
Nail Trim $10
Nail Dremel $15
Teeth Cleaning $7
Service Add Ons
Transportation* $20
15min 1on1 Session (walk, cuddle, play, etc) $15
PB Kong $4
Late Fee* $20
Special Handling Fee* $10 per day
*1-on-1 care is reserved for dog’s who are unable to participate in playgroups. They will receive play time with staff, regular potty breaks and a daily walk.
*Sleepover is when a staff member takes your dog home for the evening and drops them off in the morning for daycare. This is subject to availability.
*Transportation is subject to availability and additional fees may be charged for mileage or wait time at vet visits.
*Late fees will be charged for any dog’s that are not picked up on their scheduled day by the time of close and will continue to accrue until pick-up has occurred.
*Due to the features in Sanza’s Room, it is only available for pre-approved guests
*Full bath includes bath, brush, blow dry, teeth, nails and ears.
*Includes a blueberry facial, Dremel or nail trim and moisturizer/protector for paw pads and nose.
*Check Out Time is 11am. Guests may check out later though daycare fees will be applied as follows: 11am-3pm $15, 3pm-5pm $20, 5pm-7pm $25(weekdays only)
*We are unable to board dogs that have communicable diseases, open wounds, severe injuries or are in heat – any dogs arriving with either condition will not be able to check-in and will be charged a cancellation fee
* Cancellation fees will be charged at 50% of the total charge for reservations not cancelled more than 3 days in advance & holiday boarding reservations not cancelled more than 7 days in advance. See FAQ for holiday boarding dates.

Request Dog Boarding Assessment


    CONFIRM VACCINATIONS: Your dog’s health is our top priority while they stay with us and for that reason we require your dog to be current on the following vaccinations – Bordetella, Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Canine Influenza as well as taking a flea/tick preventative and heartworm medicine. Need to get some vaccinations updated? No worries – most vets are very accomodating and can get you in to help ensure your dog has all the necessary requirements. While we do not have a restriction on how close to their stay they can get their vaccinations we do believe it best if they are updated more than 72 hours in advance – this helps ensure there aren’t any adverse reactions and that your dog is feeling their best when they come for their stay!

    SCHEDULE/COMPLETE ASSESSMENT: We want to ensure the most positive experience possible for not only your dog but for you as well. While we understand it’s not always possible to plan in advance it is best if you can schedule your assessment at least 48 hours before your dog’s intended stay and no more than 6 weeks in advance. This helps to ensure your dog’s first experience is short and sweet and not too far in advance that he will forget about us! Once your dog has successfully completed their assessment you are able to schedule any necessary services. Need to go out of town last minute? No worries – we can still help you but in the event your dog does not enjoy our off-leash playgroups they will be placed into one of our 1-on-1 programs.

    You can book your dog’s stay when picking them up from their assessment, online using our customer portal or by calling us at 614-525-0020. You will be required to put a valid credit card on file for your dog’s stay. You will have the option to pay with another credit card or payment option upon pick-up. While we will do our very best to accommodate all our Homies boarding requests it is best to schedule your dog’s stay as soon as you know your dates as we do book up on holidays and weekends. It’s also good to ensure you will be able to drop-off and pick-up during our business hours as if you have an early or late flight it may mean your dog needs to stay an additional night.

    Belongings: We want to ensure your dog’s room closely resembles their sleeping arrangement at home. You are welcome to bring their bed, blankets, toys or any other items that they are used to sleeping with. One important note is that is that we are not responsible if your dog damages or soils their belongings and while we will make every attempt to ensure this does not happen and/or clean it if it does, there are instances in which this cannot be done. Also, if we feel any of the items you bring for your dog represent a choke hazard (rope toys, rawhides etc.) we will only permit them in their room during the day.

    Meals/Treats: You will want to pack enough food for your dog’s entire and then add in 2 more meals. This helps ensure there is enough food on hand should they spill it in their room or if they have to stay an extra day due to travel delays. Also, any treats they enjoy as we are sure to give them those at each meal and throughout the day as needed. Didn’t pack enough food? Don’t worry, we have some on hand to ensure your dog does not go hungry but we will want to keep their diet as consistent as possible to help ensure they don’t develop any stomach issues. If your dog requires an elevated bowl or slow feeder dish be sure to bring that as well otherwise we have plenty of dishes and to help ensure yours don’t get mixed in with ours we ask that you leave them and measuring cups at home. We will say it again !!DO NOT BRING DISHES OR MEASURING CUPS!!

    Medications: To help ensure we administer your dog’s medications according to their vets instructions we ask that you bring your dog’s medicine in the package/bottle issued by the pharmacy/vet along with the specific instructions. Don’t have the original package/bottle? No worries, just please clearly label each medication in separate storage containers along with the dosage and time to administer. Again, your dog’s health is our number 1 priority and we want to ensure they adhere to their scheduled medications so please be as clear as possible.

    While your dog’s health is our number 1 priority – ensuring they have a fun time is a close 2nd! We do this in a variety of ways but really we let your dog’s behavior tell us what they want to do. While most of our guests enjoy being in playgroups all day, some may like more rest periods or other activities. We will cater your dog’s schedule to their needs to help ensure they have a stress-free, enjoyable stay! Below is what a typical weekday/weekend schedule looks like for our overnight guests.

    Weekday Schedule

    • 630am – 730am First Out Potty Breaks
    • 730am –  930am Breakfast
    • 930am – 10am Join Playgroups
    • 12pm – 2pm Lunch & Naps (If Requested – Otherwise Remain in Playgroup)
    • 2pm – 430pm Playgroups
    • 430pm – 6pm Dinner
    • 6pm – 7pm Playgroups
    • 7pm – 8pm Quiet Time
    • 8pm – 9pm Last Out Potty Breaks


    Weekend Schedule

    • 730am – 8am First Out Potty Breaks
    • 8am –  9am Breakfast
    • 9am – 12pm Join Playgroups
    • 12pm – 1pm Lunch & Naps (If Requested – Otherwise Remain in Playgroup)
    • 1pm – 4pm Playgroups (Regular Potty Breaks)
    • 4pm – 5pm Dinner
    • 5pm – 6pm Potty Breaks
    • 6pm – 8pm Bark Yard Activities, Quiet Time
    • 8pm – 9pm Last Out Potty Breaks

    You can pick up as early as you’d like – 6:30am on weekdays and 9am on weekends – our standard check-out time is by 11am on pick-up day. Need a late check-out? We can do that though daycare fees will apply as applicable for the length of stay past 11am and if guests are not picked up by 7pm on weekdays or 5pm on weekends a late pick-up fee will be assessed. Want to add on a bath or nail trim? Let us know at drop-off and we will ensure your dog comes out smelling so fresh and so clean. Lastly, you will receive all the items you brought with (be sure to double check as we are human and can miss things) – once you’ve confirmed all your items are returned you’ll pay any boarding dues and get a report of how the stay went and off you and your dog go!

    Dog boarding can be both a physically and mentally draining activity for your dog – and like the old saying goes there is no place like home so it can still be a stressful experience even if they enjoyed their stay. It is likely they will seem sluggish and sleep more for a day or two. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal as your dog was much more active than their normal routine – we call it the Homedog Hangover. Also, while we make every attempt to record and review any changes in health or injuries we are human and things can be overlooked or missed. Remember that even during healthy play dogs can receive nicks, cuts, scratches or scrapes. If you notice any of these things when you get home, it is normal, but please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. In addition to minor injuries dogs may also develop some minor illnesses. This can range from loose or runny stool to a common cold, often referred to as kennel cough. Young puppies, senior dogs and dogs that are not used to spending time with large groups of dogs may be more susceptible to these risks. If you believe you have a high risk dog consult your vet prior to their stay as they can some times provide probiotics or anti-anxiety medicine to help them stay as healthy as possible. Our facility uses a state of the art ventilation system, cleaning procedures and requires all our dog boarding and dog daycare guests to stay at home if their dogs are not feeling well or exhibiting signs but just like a child’s daycare, germs can spread. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns so that we can be sure your dog’s visits are as you intend them to be!

    Do NOT bring any dog bowls, dishes or measuring cups. Unless it is a slow feeder or elevated bowl.

    If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, has not boarded before or is an excessive barker/chewer consult your vet regarding anxiety medications (trazodone) that can help calm your dog during their stay and probiotics to help ensure their digestive system is not as affected due to the stress.

    Refrain from bringing large comforters/blankets/sheets – these are difficult to wash should they need to be cleaned.

    Any belongings you bring may become damaged beyond repair. At any time during your dog’s stay if the items in their room pose a risk we reserve the right to remove them from their room.

    Holiday’s are a very busy time of the year for everyone so to help ensure we don’t turn anyone away only to later find out there is vacancy, we have a more strict reservation policy.

    • When planning a dog boarding reservation over the Holiday it is best to plan more than 2-weeks in advance
    • A holiday reservation is any stay booked 2 days before and 2 days after the day a holiday falls on
    • A 2-night minimum stay is required for all holiday reservations
    • Holiday reservations require a 50% deposit at the time you make your boarding reservation
    • Cancellations require a 7-day notice for a full-refund. Cancellations less than 7-days in advance may forfeit all or part of their deposit

    *Prices and policies are subject to change at any time for any reason


    Twas the Night Before Vacation

    Twas the night before vacation and all through the house, all the bags packed up tightly – the family headed to see a mouse – The kids were all jacked up on mountain dew, running around in a scurry – the floor filled with toys from kids, both human and furry – when what did mom realize in a moment of haste? There was nowhere to keep her dog Rusty, not even a place. She thought about Aunt Betty, but then remembered the last time – then she thought about her friend Alice, but she drinks too much wine. She dare use Greg’s List for fear of creepy strangers and couldn’t trust young kids or students, oh the horror and dangers – when what did her eyes see while scrolling her Facebook log, well a friend shared a post from a company called Homedog – this post was a beaming, light of relief, she knew she found rusty’s place because her heart skipped a beat – she clicked on book now, so happy to see – that Homedog saved a spot, for Rusty to sleep!

    See our Homies enjoying their dog boarding stay!

    Dog Boarding Required Forms