561 Short St. Columbus, OH 43215
sam short kpa-ctp dog trainer at Homedog Resort in Columbus, Ohio



Hey Homies!

I’m Sam and I am the Head Trainer here at HomeDog Resort! I’m a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Trainer and  graduate of the Michael Shikashio Aggression master course.

Over the last decade, Ive worked in many different facets of the dog world and have had some amazing experiences and opportunities.I have teamed up with small local businesses to provide low cost group classes. I’ve worked with Larger corporate entities with a focus on group workshops, classes, and seminars. I have even taught within the prison system providing coaching for inmates fostering dogs in an adoption program.But the majority of my work has been helping families, and their dogs.It is my passion to help families achieve a happy, healthy, and enriching life with their dog. 

Whether you are a first time dog owner with a newly adopted dog or puppy ,a training savvy veteran lookin to enhance your skill set, or you’re struggling with more challenging behaviors like aggression, anxiety, or reactivity, I can help set you and your family up for success!Ultimately my goal is to be able to provide every human and dog the tools they need to be successful, navigate their world, and enjoy life!I am currently working towards continuing my education with a goal of Certified Dog Behavior Consultant.

As a father, partner, and dog owner I understand the dynamics of integrating a dog into a busy life. I live with my wonderful fiancée Shanna, without whom I wouldn’t be who I am today, my beautiful 2 year old daughter Ellie who brings me endless joy, and my small collection of rescue dogs all who continue to teach me everyday.I enjoy yoga practice as well as no gi jujitsu in my free time.