561 Short St. Columbus, OH 43215
Greg Barnard CPT-KA dog trainer at Homedog Resort in Columbus, Ohio


Whats up Homies! My name is Greg and I am the owner of Homedog Resort and a certified trainer trainer. My certification is called a certified professional dog trainer – knowledge assessed meaning Ive demonstrated my knowledge of dog behaviors, training and techniques with my goal to become skills assessed and eventually add on behavioral modification designations. Ive been training dogs for 6 years and am certified through the certification council of professional dog trainers. I use what’s called the LIMA style of dog training which is an acronym for Least Intrusive minimally aversive strategy to help you achieve your desired objectives.  

My favorite thing to do when training is to work in different environments and just observe my Homie in their element. I look for them to make smart decisions then reward and praise. I also watch to learn their precursors when they make bad decisions and when I see them again I redirect and reward. It sounds really easy because in essence I am letting my Homie figure it out on their own and Im just rewarding them but when you consider all the subtle signals or as Sam calls them microresponses a dog shows in an environment that you have to be aware of its a lot – its important to make the entire process very organic without much friction and as positive as possible! My homie is learning new things, I try to remove all expectations because I can’t/won’t let my expectations or timeline interfere with my Homies progress.

A little about me, I have a 10 year old Staffordshire terrier mix named Milton who is the reason for me becoming a dog care professional.After adopting him I realized I adopted a high maintenance dog and quickly needed to learn how to best care for him which quickly changed my career focus from a marketing professional to a dog care professional. You can learn more about the story of Homedog through our blog and I am working on more videos to share my journey. I am married to my beautiful, supportive and hilarious wife Kristy and we live in Gahanna with our 4yo daughter Rayna Grace aka Ray-Ray and our 2yo son Preston Brooks aka P Dogg. I currently focus my training on socialization, managing environments and reading/understanding/responding to dog body language/behaviors but am working on improving my technical skills to work with reactivity and fear aggression. My goal is to help you build the relationship you want with your dog through clear communication, healthy environments and balanced routines.