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Now Hiring Dog Daycare Associates

How to Apply for a Job at Homedog Daycare & Resort

To apply for a role as a dog daycare and dog boarding care specialist or guest services associate please email the following information to [email protected]:


Part-Time or Full-Time Position

]Availability (AM or PM and Weekdays or Weekends)

Desired Hourly Pay Rate

Current Openings

Guest Services Associate

Our guest service associates will be responsible for handling all of Homedog Resort’s guest’s check-in/check-out, service, paperwork, inquiries, follow ups and facility maintenance/upkeep. Their goal is to focus on building relationships with our guest’s and their humans.

Guest Services Daily Duties:

  • Answer phone
  • Maintain appearance of front of resort
  • Greet guests arriving guests
  • Log & store arriving guest’s property
  • Take arriving guests to dog daycare/boarding areas
  • Ensure kennel supply area is stocked/cleaned
  • Prep meals/medications
  • Create social media content
  • Manage guest scheduling/profiles and requirements
    • Vaccination Renewals
    • Create/Update Guest Profiles
    • New Guest Follow Up Calls
    • Confirm following day schedule/appointments as needed


Dog Care Specialist

Are you looking for a fun, flexible and unique job that includes playing with dogs? Homedog Resort & Daycare has the perfect opportunity for you! The perfect person for this role will have a true passion for dogs, be a team player and have the ability to exceed expectations when providing care for each of our guests. This is a new company so associates will have the opportunity to grow with the company, provide insight on new policies and procedures, assist in marketing campaigns and events and help shape the culture to make Homedog Resort and Daycare a safe and happy place for both dogs and humans alike!

Care specialists will be responsible for all the duties required in the direct care of the dog daycare and boarding guests. This includes but is not limited to their personal care, supervision, recording/reporting, overall well-being, facility maintenance/upkeep and ensuring Homedog Resort is providing a safe, healthy and happy environment for our guests to socialize and exercise.

Care specialist’s daily duties include but are not limited to the following duties:

  • Prep departing guests
    • Gather belongings, bath if applicable
  • Care for guests
    • Supervise daycare guests
    • Keep play areas clean and sanitized
    • Ensure guests have fresh water
    • Record and report guest incidents
  • Create social media content
  • Implement daily enrichment activities
  • Update guests daily care log