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  1. How do the memberships work? Guests will sign up for the number of days per week they want their dog to attend their selected or required program. If you want your dog to attend daycare 1x a week, 2x a week, 3x a week or unlimited visits you will sign up for that monthly membership and receive that amount of visits for the month to be used per week. So for 1x a week you would receive 4 visits for the month etc.
  2. Can I change how many visits my dog(s) come per week? Yes, you may change your dog’s membership with a written email request 2-weeks prior to the renewal period. You may also cancel your dog’s membership with 30 days notice via a written email request.
  3. What if my dog misses a day? If your dog misses a day they may sign up for another day in that week though it is subject to availability and the request must be submitted 24 hours in advance.
  4. What if I want to add an additional day? If you want to add an extra day you may do so at the next level’s rate for that week though it is subject to availability and the request must be submitted 24 hours in advance.
  5. Do visits rollover from month to month? No, visits do not roll over from month to month and any missed visits will expire at the end of the month.
  6. What if I go on vacation and am unable to use visits? You can place a hold on your membership 2x per year to account for vacations. You may also schedule your dog’s visits around your vacation schedule.
  7. How do I pay for my membership? Your membership will be auto-billed monthly to the credit card on file. If you’d like to change the card on file please do so in writing 30 days in advance.
  8. What are the benefits of getting a membership? There are a ton of benefits! Not only are you guaranteed availability on your selected days but you will receive a monthly report card, access to free workshops and training resources, quarterly consultations, discounted rates on our other services, free birthday visits, priority boarding during holiday/peak periods and free late check-outs. Some of our other programs include daily training sessions and other benefits too!
  9. I liked the old way better, why did you create memberships? We asked for feedback from our guests and it was very clear that we need to provide more insight into our guests’ day-to-day interactions. One of our biggest challenges with doing that is the inability to create a process that enables our team to know who is coming, when they are coming and how frequently they are coming when we do not set reoccurring schedules. These memberships ensure we create a crystal clear plan for how and when we will provide feedback based on the program your dog is a part of. Also, we still have the old way – and it’s actually improved as drop-in visits receive a report card with every visit! The only difference is the packages are only valid for 3 months, not 6 months.
  10. Why do you have so many different programs? Over the past 5 years of providing services and after numerous discussions with behavioral veterinarians and professional dog trainers, we determined the best environment for our guests is one that meets their specific needs. While open play group can be beneficial for the majority of our guests, it can also create an environment primed for undesired behaviors and cause stress and overstimulation in some dogs. The different programs are intended to provide different environments that will allow a wider variety of dogs to not only benefit, but to grow from our services. Just as when you went to school your only class wasn’t recess and your weren’t in class with high school kids when you were in grade school or kindergarten, we want to provide an experience that is most aligned with your dog’s current development stage.
  11. What open play groups do you offer and how will I know which play groups my dog is approved for? We offer open play for small dogs, large dogs and mixed groups. Mixed groups are when we combine small and large dogs together. Throughout the day/week we offer different play groups based on our staffing and attendance. Our daycare attendance on weekends is lower so we do not have as much staff nor guests so limit the available playgroups.
  12. I have a puppy, do they have to enroll in puppy school? Yes, we feel that puppies benefit most from a structured, balanced routine in a controlled environment. Most of the ways puppies learn is through social facilitation and from other dogs which can be difficult to control in a large, open play group. Puppies will receive a mix of socialization, play group, training and break times to ensure they are building a solid foundation while limiting their exposure to inappropriate behaviors.